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For decades, the American company Serta, specializing in manufacturing mattresses, has been exalted for it’s exemplary bedding products. Historically, Serta is the outcome of various independent mattress manufacturers that assembled together in 1931. Embodying the same vision and seeing the advantages of unifying their companies under one name, Serta emerged and set national guidelines for the products that carried its name.

For over 80 years, Serta has been consistent in producing high quality sleeping units and cutting edge features that deliver enhanced comfort and support. Invested in improving the way people experience sleep, Serta has introduced an array of groundbreaking and contemporary mattresses such as the first-ever “tuftless” mattress, iCloud and iSeries mattresses, along with a variety of features such as Cool Action Gel Memory Foam.

Serta has 23 manufacturing facilities in the United States and Canada and distributes internationally. As an industry leader, this renowned company takes comfort and support seriously. Serta mattresses are prevalently featured in the hospitality and lodging industry by well-known hotels, including Wyndham and Hilton.

Serta Exclusive Mattresses

Serta offers a fine collection of mattresses designed to provide maximum support and comfort. Each mattress is carefully crafted, inspected, and tested to ensure that it delivers consistent support and high levels of quality all the time. Being a retailer of Serta lines of mattresses, Peak Discount Mattress stocks the following lines of Serta mattresses.

- Serta Perfect Sleeper
- iComfort
- Sertapedic
- iSeries
- Serta Brand

Every time you buy a Serta mattress, you get full assurance of unprecedented comfort and deep-level support while you sleep (for a lifetime). Yes, Serta mattresses are designed to provide you with everything you need to enjoy a perfect night's sleep. Just lie down on a Serta mattress for one night and you will understand why Serta is America’s most loved mattress brand. 

Experience Serta With Us

Visit Peak Discount Mattress today and experience the delight of sleeping on your favorite Serta mattress. Our mattress experts are eager to help you find a mattress that will usher you into an era of perfect sleep that lasts a lifetime!

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     Perfect Sleeper                                                                        

     Available in: Essentials, Smart Surface and Smart Surface Elite  



     Available in: iComfort, iComfort Directions and Bellagio At Home



      Available in: Trump Home iSeries, Perfect Day iSeries, Sertpedic, iSeries  and Serta iSeries


        Serta Brand

      Available in: Hotel Mattresses, Bellagio at Home, Sertapedic and Perfect Elements