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Below we have answered several commonly asked questions about our Denver store and mattresses in general. If you have any further questions, feel free to call one of our experts today at 303-777-5707!


How is it possible to buy a mattress for almost 60% to 80% off retail from Peak Discount Mattress Outlet?

It is quite simple! We sell discontinued models that have a different kind of fabric that previous years, ‘as is’ merchandise (a small blemish that came from the factory or from moving, but doesn't affect the quality), or retail ‘overstock’ models (the retailer of origin bought too many and needs to make way for new merchandise).


In cutting out typical retail costs such as high overhead, warranties, we are able to sell name brand mattresses at a fraction of the cost: 60 to 80 percent off of standard retail prices. Since Peak Discount Mattress is a mattress outlet store, we offer great service, and our associates do not work on commission so they are truly there to help you find the mattress you want, not to push you into a expensive sale. Our objective is to cut costs and pass the savings on to you! We will find you the right mattress at the right price.


Peak Discount Mattress wants to ensure that your experience shopping with us is easy and pleasant! Our brand name mattresses give you an understanding of COMFORT, QUALITY, and PRICE VALUE for a Guaranteed Savings better than any of our competitors. We offer the FINEST SERVICE in Denver. Come see why our customers come to us for quality bedding at affordable prices.


Is Peak Discount Mattress the retailer for you?

If you are a conscious consumer who values the money you make, and you are looking for a top quality mattress, then this is the place for you. Not to mention the excellent customer service and unbeatable prices! Call us now at (303) 777-5707 or stop by and try out a mattress today!


What is the difference between your store and other mattress retailers?

At Peak Discount Mattress, we carry many brand new mattresses, with warranty, at very competitive prices—if you compare our prices with other retailers, you will find that ours are hard to beat! We also carry quality, name brand “as is” mattresses without warranty. Why are these mattresses “as is”? These mattresses are either discontinued models, overstock from a retailer that over-ordered from the manufacturer, or mattresses with slight scuffs or cosmetic blemishes as a result of shipping and handling. Retailers are unable to sell these mattresses at the high prices they need to charge, and so their loss becomes your gain! Before you leave Peak Discount Mattress, our associates will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the exact mattress you choose. We pride ourselves on a diverse, brand name, high-quality inventory, and we are always honest with our customers. Stop by today to enjoy both value and quality at Peak Discount Mattress!


Do your mattresses carry manufacturer warranties?

There are up to 10 year warranties on all Corsicana Mattresses, 10 year warranties on all MLily Mattresses, and 10 year warranties on all Spring Air Mattresses.


Many of our other mattresses models are sold ‘as is,’ without manufacturer warranties. Because warranties often drive up the price of mattresses, we are able offer the very best prices for high quality mattresses by selling them 'as is.'


What is the meaning of "coil count" and "wire gauge"?

Coil count refers to the number of coils inside your mattress, and wire or coil gauge refers to the thickness of the metal those coils are made of. Generally speaking, the higher the number of coils, the better. And the thicker the wire, that is the ‘coil,’ the better. That's because more coils and thicker coils means more support for you while you sleep.


A low coil count or smaller gauge doesn't necessarily mean bad or low quality. Rather you get a different feel and different support. All name brand mattresses use high quality coils and many use the same kinds. There are more than 25 different variations on coils and all of them are good. Shop popular name brands, and you will get the quality that comes with those names! Stop by Peak Discount Mattress today to learn more from one of our experts.


What if I need more than one mattress? Will you give me a deal?

Because our top priority is offering deeply discounted mattresses every day, we have dropped our prices as low as they can go. However, if you buy more than one mattress, we will show our appreciation with free mattress delivery on the second and third (or more!) mattresses going to the same location. We appreciate your support of Denver local business!


Can we bring our mattress back for a refund or exchange?

All sales are final. We will make sure that you are 100% comfortable with your purchase and that you thoroughly look over your mattress before you head out of the store.


What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and all major credit cards. We also have financing options available--see the financing tab above for more information.


Can we try out the mattresses?

Absolutely! The only way to be 100% sure of your mattress purchase will be to come into our Denver store and try out our mattresses! It’s essential for you to see and feel the different mattresses in order to find what size or comfort level is perfect for you. In our show room, what you see is what you get, which means that whichever mattress you love in our store, you will be able to walk away with that exact mattress. Come in today to speak with one of our experts and try out the mattresses in our quality inventory!


Are your prices negotiable?

If you compare our prices to those at other mattress retailers, you will see that we simply have the best deals in the Denver metro area! We have cut all excess costs in order to bring you the lowest prices for the quality name brands we carry, and our listed prices are final.


What's the difference between Peak Discount Mattress and a mattress discount store?

While a mattress discount store typically stocks low to mid-level quality, we are able to acquire top quality mattresses from various sources so that we can offer you a variety of mattresses. At Peak Discount Mattress, you will find many high-end, name brand mattresses that would usually cost thousands of dollars, for up to 80% off!


Not only that, but discount stores usually have a small number of floor models for their customers to try, and rather than giving you the exact mattress you see on the floor, they typically deliver a mattress from their stock. At Peak Discount Mattress, you will get the very mattress that you see and try in the show room!


Please note that manufacturers will frequently give various names to the exact same mattress. They do this so that retailers can sell the same mattress at similar prices without having to compete.


How do I buy a mattress from you?

Call (303) 777-5707 or stop into our store today! We always recommend a quick phone call if you have a specific mattress in mind, because we want to be sure that we still have it in stock. As our site says, "once they're gone, they're gone!" Sometimes we only have one of each model in stock, and we cannot guarantee our inventory since it is constantly changing, and mattresses go fast! We do our very best to keep our list up-to-date online for your convenience.


Most importantly, when you stop into the store, we will match a mattress to your needs and preferences--we will never push you towards a specific mattress. At Peak Discount Mattress, you will get a great mattress at a great price!


And finally, if you find a mattress you love, be ready to buy! We are able to give you these incredible deals by streamlining the mattress buying process. This saves you time and, ultimately, money. We ask you to be prepared for purchase at your first visit simply because we are not able to guarantee we will have the same mattress on your next visit. Mattress inventory changes on a weekly basis.


When should I replace my mattress?

Top reasons to replace your mattress:
1. You bought your current mattress over eight years ago.
2. You see or feel lumps, dips, and valleys in your mattress.
3. You wake with aches and pains every morning.
4. You need pillows between your legs to get comfortable.
5. You wake up feeling more tired than when you went to bed.
6. Your mattress "looks" like a hand me down (or actually is).


Do you take orders over the phone?

Yes. Call us at (303) 777-5707 at any time during regular business hours. We accept all major credit cards for orders over the phones, and we will ask for your personal information, all of the credit card information, and a billing address that MUST match the delivery address. Please keep in mind that we have several brand new mattresses, but many of our mattresses are "as is," and all sales are final--no returns or exchanges of any kind. For that reason, we highly recommend that you stop into the store to see and feel your mattress and to be sure that you are 100% satisfied with the mattress you purchase.


Can you setup the frame and mattress upon delivery?

The delivery fee includes the delivery of your mattress all the way into the room of your choice. For a small additional fee, we can help you with any set up, including putting together frames, beds, foundations, and mattresses! Please let us know if you are interested in additional help when you purchase your mattress.


Can I purchase only the mattress or foundation?

Absolutely. We understand that foundations don't necessarily need to be replaced. We carry both regular and low profile foundations in all sizes.


Is it necessary to get a new foundation with a new mattress?

No, but you need to ensure that your existing foundation is in excellent shape. A supportive, quality foundation will enhance the support you get from your mattress and extend the life of your mattress.


Why is the center support frame necessary for a new mattress?

Without it, the foundation will change shape over time, which will not provide proper support of the mattress. If you ever rolled towards the center of the bed, it is because the foundation is not properly supported.


What are the exact dimensions of each mattress size?

Twin - 39" x 75"
Twin XL - 39" x 80"
Full - 54" x 75"
Queen - 60" x 80"
King - 76" x 80"
California King - 72" x 84"