While many pet owners enjoy having their favorite cat or dog to sleep with them in bed, many of you  are interested to know whether or not it's actually healthy to sleep with an animal. While most people are determined to keep their pets off their bed when they first get them, it doesn't take long before an animal starts to warm its way into your heart and you allow them to fall asleep in your bed, sometimes even on the pillow right next to you. 


Should You Allow Pets To Sleep In Your Bed?


For most people, sleeping with a pet can be a big comfort but for people that have severe allergies and asthma it's usually not recommended to have a cat or dog sleep with them in bed. If you are regularly experiencing breathing issues or allergies as a result of your pets consider sleeping in a room with a HEPA filter and keeping them out for just a few short hours each day to give your system a break. Sleep is the perfect time to do this. 


Another great reason to keep pets out of your bed could be when you experience problems with sleep. In studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic on sleep disorders, 50% of pet owners that let pets sleep in their bed reported that they were part of the problem with their sleeping habits. Although some pets will sleep in your bed quite comfortably, others will carry on throughout the night or even protest when you take them out of bed. If you are really having difficulty with the pet sleeping in your bed, it's important to curb these habits and get them used to sleeping in a crate or a dog bed without you. 


Ultimately, allowing pets to stay in your bed is entirely up to you. As long as you are willing to regularly clean your sheets and deal with any difficulties if the pet is causing you to lose sleep or have an allergic reaction, there is no reason why a pet can't join you in bed.