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How To Harness The Power Of Sleep

Do you feel like you need to remodel your life? Are you struggling to lose weight or improve your health? Battling depression or irritability? Looking to banish brain fog and be more productive at work? Do you struggle with these things despite trying to change your diet, take supplements, or get more exercise? Your lack of success may be rooted in your sleeping habits; if you have failed to harness the power of sleep, all of the aforementioned goals become far, far more difficult to achieve.


How To Harness The Power Of Sleep


Many people shortchange themselves on sleep, often because they are trying to fit more into their busy days, get in some extra “down time,” or because they get distracted by the plethora of sleep-hampering devices available to us today (such as tablets and smartphones, whose bright screens are notorious for artificially prolonging the body’s state of alertness). In doing so, these individuals are doing themselves a disservice that is likely to have lifelong implications. 


How can you harness the power of sleep to improve your daily life? Check out these four compelling ways to use better rest to improve your weight, health, productivity, and more:


1. Use sleep to improve your memory: People who sleep better have been shown to have far superior “memory consolidation” skills; not only will sleeping well give you a better short-term memory, if you sleep right after learning something, it will better imprint in your mind.


2. Use sleep to help you lose weight: Sleep debt increases the levels of appetite-promoting hormones (such as ghrelin) in our bodies, and negatively affects how our bodies store carbohydrates, making us more likely to become (or stay) overweight.


3. Use sleep to improve your mood: It’s no secret that sleep loss makes us irritable, impatient, and generally cranky, and emerging evidence shows it may also make people more prone to depression.


4. Use sleep to improve your health: Sleep debt has been linked to hypertension (AKA high blood pressure), increased levels of stress hormones, an irregular heartbeat, and impaired immune function. Getting the recommended 8 hours a night can even help to prevent cancer.

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