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About Peak Discount Mattress of Denver


Peak Discount Mattress: Your Denver Mattress Firm

It's time to shop for a new mattress if you are experiencing any difficulties getting to sleep, if you are waking up during the night, or feeling achy and stiff in the morning. A sagging, lumpy or poor quality mattress can create all of these problems as well as leave you feeling tired and exhausted in the morning. Finding the best mattress firm in the Denver area for your replacement mattress means choosing a location with excellent products, prices, and customer service. At Peak Discount Mattress, we pride ourselves on giving you the best mattress shopping experience possible--come in and see an associate today!

What We Offer

At Peak Discount Mattress we offer all of the styles, brands and options that are available at nearyby top mattress firms, however we sell some very exclusive brands as well, such as Aireloom and Stearns & Foster. We pride ourselves on the most competitive prices in Denver--come in today and see for yourself!

The quality, varied inventory at Peak Discount Mattress allows you to try out and compare any mattresses you may be interested in, all in the same convenient location!

Our Experience and Expertise for Denver Shoppers

Unlike some stores, our mattress firm is all about mattresses. We don’t sell other types of furniture or appliances, so our staff is very well educated about all our different mattress brands. At Peak Discount Mattress, we have associates with the necessary experience and expertise to help you find the perfect mattress, giving you the wonderful night’s sleep you have been dreaming of.

In Denver, our mattress firm is well-known for outstanding prices, selection, and customer service. With hundreds of mattresses in stock, we will have the right mattress for your needs!


How To Find Low Cost, Top Quality, Mattress Factory Mattresses In Denver

Many people don’t realize that when mattresses are produced at a mattress factory in Denver or across the United States, they are not always sold to retail stores. In some situations, mattresses may have a slight cosmetic blemish coming from the mattress factory or even mattress delivery, which means that these brand new mattresses don’t go to a retail outlet or they are returned to the factory before they even hit the sales floor.

As a result, we are able to buy these nearly perfect mattresses and sell them to the public at incredible discounts. Often these little blemishes are just a scuff or a slight rub mark that may be almost impossible to see.


Last Year's Mattress Models

We are also able to buy last year's mattress models directly from the mattress factory; these mattresses may have a slightly different fabric or color combination than the most current models. These are beautiful, brand new mattresses by top mattress makers that we then sell at steeply discounted prices in our Denver and Westminster stores. We often have the same mattresses found in other retail locations for up to 80% off, simply because the factory changed the color or cover fabric on a mattress.


Getting It Right

While we keep a full line of different mattresses and styles in stock, we can often order directly from the mattress factory if you need something we don’t have on hand. With our high volume business at our Denver store, these special orders can usually be quickly filled, and we can conveniently have just the mattress you want delivered to our store.

Come into Peak Discount Mattress and see the selection, options, and prices we offer. Because we cut out the middle man and deal with the mattress factories directly, we bring that amazing discount to you, and you won’t find better deals anywhere in Denver!